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The Boy With the Biggest Heart

November 12, 2012

I have this little boy. We call him Bruiser because he is a pretty rough little guy. He doesn’t cry much over bumps and bonks. He’s got a gravely voice (that rarely speaks quietly). He has a very difficult time staying focused on any task you ask of him. 

But this little rough, distracted fellow has such a big heart for others. 


After an hour or so of hard playing/raking this morning he ran inside. A few minutes later, out he came with a large full water bottle. “I was firsty so I filled up some water. I made a big one so everybody can have some.”

It was the sweetest thing.

Just now, the same gruff little boy came to me and handed me two dollars and fifty cents.

“Mom you work so hard in this house, I fink you should have two dollars and two coins.”

After a very large hug and smooch, I explained to him that I didn’t work hard in our house to earn money. I work hard for the Lord and He supplies us with all the money that we need. Bruiser still tried to give me the money, because we give them money for some chores. My selfish little heart was a complete pile of goop now.

Thank you, God, for teaching me such important lessons from my children!




Homeschool Recess

November 7, 2012

Most days recess is 20 minutes of free time while I prepare lunch. About once a week or so, we will take a trip to the park, the Ikea Smalland, or the ball cage at Fun Fore All. Today’s recess was an autumn special.

After about 10 minutes of helping me rake leaves, the boys were jumping in the pile we created. While they had fun with that little pile, I continued on with my master plan. Next, I raked several straight lines which became racing lanes. (Sorry, no pictures of that one.) Then I shooed the kids away and worked on a great surprise for them. With a little creative re-arrangement of the lines, I made them this:


Their very own backyard leaf maze.


It was a big hit.




I continued raking leaves for the purpose of actually disposing of them while Monkey and Bruiser ran the maze over and over again and Sparky did his best to destroy the maze walls. Pretty soon my barrel was full, and I needed a leaf-squisher!




In this video, you’ll see Bruiser doing two things he never does. 1-talk quietly 2-ask to be left alone because he is tired and wants to take a nap.


We didn’t finish our school work until 4:30 today. Wait, no, now that I’m thinking about it we never did read our “read-aloud” book. I guess that will be tonight’s bedtime story!

Was it worth it for a few hours of outdoor leaf-fun? You betcha!


August 22, 2012





It must be better.

He watches his older brothers doing things and thinks he can do them too…reach them too…eat them too.

It has been the theme of Sparky’s summer. “Be a big boy.”

He’s a climber. I guess he is tired of the vantage point from the floor. After this post I think you’ll better understand what I’ve been up to these last few months. =)

At the town pool, I turn my back on him to help wrap up his shivering brothers and:

I leave the room to do I can’t remember what, and when I get back to the kitchen:

Sparky has taken advantage of my “attic pile.”

Most people call these baby toys “walkers.” Ours is a climber.

It’s only a matter of time before it becomes a scooter.

This one really scared me. He was ready to step on the armrest of the chair to get on top of the ironing board.

I could NOT clean house anymore while he was awake. And thus the reason for babywearing more often. If he is awake and I am trying to be productive, this is where you will find my little fireball:

He quite likes it back there.

Let him off my back and you might find him…

He sees everyone using the computer. He should be able to as well, right?

At least this spot wasn’t so dangerous. Just checkin’ out a little Sports Illustrated.

Moral of this little story: don’t ever turn your back to the baby unless he is strapped to it!

Sparky: 12 Months

August 9, 2012

Happy first birthday, Sparky!

He is a big baby now! The year has gone by so quickly. I love you now more than ever, little man. Thanks for bringing such happiness into our home.

Let’s have a picnic! Right here on this cloth on the ground. Great idea if Sparky understood that he was only supposed to eat the food in front of him and not everyone elses too! I’ve got another boy who knows how to pack it away. And with his 6th tooth, he is well on his way to spare ribs and corn on the cob!

Sparky’s getting a “big boy” smile full of teeth. He also learned how to drink out of a straw right before our picture taking session as you can tell by his onsie. I didn’t have any more clean ones, so we just stuck with the realistic look. The first time he sucked up the liquid he was totally surprised. Coughed, spit it all out, and then dove right back to try it again. If anything, he is persistant!

Sparky went to his first major league baseball game at PNC Park to see the Pirates play the Cubs . He mostly enjoyed checking out the people around him and eating snacks. He was a very good boy being carried around in the sling on mama’s hip.

PopPop and Grammie came to visit for his first birthday! Sparky doesn’t growl nearly as much, but he is babbling a lot more. I still can’t get him to clap his hands or do any sign other than “milk.” He is an expert climber and walks well with a walker or furniture. He is still a little hesitant to walk while holding our hands. For how early he crawled, I thought for sure he would be walking by now!

Happy birthday, Haydey baby! Took my big baby for portraits dressed in his Hawiian diaper and let him eat cake. He ate so nicely! Not nearly the smash-fest I was hoping for. He has 7 teeth with number 8 soon on it’s way. Maybe he’ll take a break from teething for a little while now. We celebrated a few days before his actual birthday at his Lu’au party. A great time with so many people who love this cute little guy.

Sparky: 11 Months

July 7, 2012

Sparky turns 11 months today, also my Father-in-law’s birthday. One more to go. ONE. Ahhhhh! How can he be this close to a year old already?

3rd tooth came in. Spent the weekend all feverish and cranky, but it was all worth it for a new tooth to eat more food with! Sparky eats about 75% table food now and just a few purees. He really enjoys being like the big boys and feeding himself. I salvaged this plain blue fabric from last week’s flea market. Can’t beat free fabric, even if it is plain! Sophie is MIA again.

Surprise! Grammie came to visit! We finished up our first year of homeschool on Thursday and then went and picked Grammie up from the airport. It was a wonderful end-of-the-year surprise! Sparky was so good laying still for pictures this week since he had a new face to look at while I snapped away. The Chief and I also recently booked our 10th anniversary gift – a second honeymoon in Hawaii. We aren’t going until October, but I’m already a little nervous about leaving my baby behind for so long!

Tooth #5 came in (top left) and the one right to the left of that is ready to come any day now too. Sparky also took a spill out the kitchen door onto the concrete steps. Bruiser was there to break some of his fall (he was also the one who opened the door). The bump on his forehead isn’t even visible in the picture…all that’s left is the scrape on his nose. If he doesn’t realize it, Sparky can stand on his own for a few seconds without holding onto something. He has also taken up screaming at the top of his lungs for attention, ripping his bib off the instant he is done eating, and he can’t keep his curious little hands out of the DVD cabinet.

This week Sparky traded in the scab on his nose for some scratches on his leg. Who knows where he got them from. The boy is one curious climber. He scaled the back of a beach chair at the water park, tried climbing up his dresser drawers, made it to the top of the stairs, and always tries to climb higher on my body when I’m holding him. He will repeat the sound “mama” when I say it, but I’m still not sure he knows what it means yet.

Sparky: 10 Months

June 24, 2012

Sparky turned 10 months old on the 7th of June. June has been as busy as December around here and I’ve been spending more time WITH my kids, and less time taking PICTURES and WRITING about it. I’d really rather be outside playing & doing yard work than sitting inside typing about it. And thus the reason for the sparse posts lately. I do want to stick with Sparky’s weekly pictures though. I WILL see that through to the end of his first year!

Here he is in his 9th month:

“Noonaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!” Sparky, The Chief, and I drove down to SC for Lois’ graduation. His Noonah and Umma (Lois’s Mom) came back with us to visit for a few days. I got a refresher course on Korean cooking (and wrote things down this time!) and Sparky enjoyed eating Korean pancake, noodles, and tiny bits of bulgogi. Since they have left I’ve cooked more pancake and boy does he love it!

9 month check-up went great. My little man is only in the 21% for weight, but the 66% for height. He is growing well and I love that he still fits in his infant car seat. We may actually make it the whole year! Both Monkey and Bruiser outgrew it around 9/10 months. I enjoyed a lovely Mother’s Day which started with breakfast in bed and a new outfit from my boys who like when their Mama wears a skirt. =)

Nom, nom, nom….foreshadowing….See that spot in his mouth where he’s chewing Sophie’s ear? That’s where tooth #3 makes it’s appearance in a few weeks. We spent this past week watching Monkey and Bruiser play T-ball and helping me sort flowers at NHCS. He was a good boy strapped to my back. He is getting more and more mischevious when left alone. No bottom cupboard is safe anymore. DVD shelf, night lights, and anything he can unplug is fair game for him. He’s just an energy-saver, I say. Always wants the stuff unplugged!

Now that the weather is nice enough to take pictures outside again, I’m getting MUCH better lighting which makes for crisper brighter pictures. All the better to show off the leaf that Sparky decided to snack on during our photo shoot! I didn’t even notice he grabbed that until I snapped this picture. Last week we attended a ladybug birthday party for Madisyn who turned 2. Clayton’s Cat in the Hat party was the next weekend. Sparky got a sweet new tie-dye onsie from craft time there.

Sparky has been a real trooper this week! I’ve been at church every day helping with the Flea Market and haven’t had much time to even iron a piece of fabric for the boy! I’ll be cutting up the onsie for this week’s quilt square. He wasn’t too keen on laying on the grass. I’ve got a slew of pictures with him in “crunch” position doing everything he can to keep his head and limbs off the tickly vegetation.

Sparky and the Whip

May 25, 2012

A boy must be properly introduced to the beater.

Nine months isn’t too early.

Not for home made whipped cream anyhow.

No instructions were necessary.

He knew exactly what to do with it.

That beater was licked CLEAN when he was through with it.

And the rest of the whipped cream?

It went on this:

It’s called a “no bake strawberry icebox cake.”

We call it Strawberry Lasagna.

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