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Our “Truth in the Tinsel” Advent Calendar

December 4, 2012

I mentioned to my sister that I couldn’t text for long because I wanted to “finish sewing these toilet paper tubes” before I went to bed.

“Umm…sewing toilet paper tubes?”

“Yep…I’ll send you a picture when I’m done.”

I finished cutting out and hand laminating all the numbers and pictures at 11:45 pm, November 30th. JUST in time. =)

The colors are a little off…the tubes are painted a dark forest green, the numbers are black printed on cream, and the bows are burgundy. I found the idea from this blog via Pinterest.


We are teaching the children about the Christmas Story through the Truth in the Tinsel book. Inside each tube is a small picture of what the story will be about that day.


In the morning, one of the boys gets to take the velcro number off and trade it for the picture of the day.


After dinner, the Chief reads the selected Bible passage and then once the dishes are taken care of, we do a craft to remind us of what we’ve learned.


After the glue is dried, the boys get to hang them up on our branch from the Jesse Tree. (For the last 2 years we used Ann Voskamp’s “Jesse Tree Journey,” but found it just a little too over our young kids heads. I really love how she did the book and will most likely bring it out again once the kiddos are upper elementary age.)


Just on the other side of our mute Zachariah, crowns, and light, is a scrappy little chunk of posterboard that I salvaged into a collection of “Names of God.”


The poster has been on the wall for about a month and a half now and has slowly collected names of our Lord as we have studied Him. Each time one of the boys (or the Chief or I) hear a new name of God, we write it on the poster.


Monday morning, Monkey crawled into bed with me and excitedly told me,

“Mama! I’ve got a new name of God!” he paused with a knowing smirk on his face waiting for me to ask the question:

“Oh yea? Which one is it?”

“Messiah! I heard it in a song we sang in Junior Church and then Pastor said it when he was preaching too.”

He was very proud to have remembered it on his own. I was so proud of my little man for waking up the next morning with those thoughts in his head. I was also pleased to know he was actually listening to Pastor’s message!

I despise what the Christmas season in our country has become during just my lifetime. I have purposefully kept the children out of the stores as much as possible this year. They get so greedy so quickly. They get caught up in the shiny sparkly things they see and lose the real light of Christmas. This year, we are doing everything we can to show our children the real meaning of Christmas. The real Light, the real Gift, the real Love that is the Christmas Season.

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