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The Boy With the Biggest Heart

November 12, 2012

I have this little boy. We call him Bruiser because he is a pretty rough little guy. He doesn’t cry much over bumps and bonks. He’s got a gravely voice (that rarely speaks quietly). He has a very difficult time staying focused on any task you ask of him. 

But this little rough, distracted fellow has such a big heart for others. 


After an hour or so of hard playing/raking this morning he ran inside. A few minutes later, out he came with a large full water bottle. “I was firsty so I filled up some water. I made a big one so everybody can have some.”

It was the sweetest thing.

Just now, the same gruff little boy came to me and handed me two dollars and fifty cents.

“Mom you work so hard in this house, I fink you should have two dollars and two coins.”

After a very large hug and smooch, I explained to him that I didn’t work hard in our house to earn money. I work hard for the Lord and He supplies us with all the money that we need. Bruiser still tried to give me the money, because we give them money for some chores. My selfish little heart was a complete pile of goop now.

Thank you, God, for teaching me such important lessons from my children!



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  1. Winona permalink
    November 12, 2012 7:14 pm

    You are truly blessed with the “richness” of the Lord.

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