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Homeschool Recess

November 7, 2012

Most days recess is 20 minutes of free time while I prepare lunch. About once a week or so, we will take a trip to the park, the Ikea Smalland, or the ball cage at Fun Fore All. Today’s recess was an autumn special.

After about 10 minutes of helping me rake leaves, the boys were jumping in the pile we created. While they had fun with that little pile, I continued on with my master plan. Next, I raked several straight lines which became racing lanes. (Sorry, no pictures of that one.) Then I shooed the kids away and worked on a great surprise for them. With a little creative re-arrangement of the lines, I made them this:


Their very own backyard leaf maze.


It was a big hit.




I continued raking leaves for the purpose of actually disposing of them while Monkey and Bruiser ran the maze over and over again and Sparky did his best to destroy the maze walls. Pretty soon my barrel was full, and I needed a leaf-squisher!




In this video, you’ll see Bruiser doing two things he never does. 1-talk quietly 2-ask to be left alone because he is tired and wants to take a nap.


We didn’t finish our school work until 4:30 today. Wait, no, now that I’m thinking about it we never did read our “read-aloud” book. I guess that will be tonight’s bedtime story!

Was it worth it for a few hours of outdoor leaf-fun? You betcha!

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  1. Winona permalink
    November 7, 2012 8:12 pm

    The maze is amazing! The boys are amusing!

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