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Favorite Disneyland Moment

May 21, 2013

We went on vacation to see Legoland and Disneyland last week. It was a wonderful trip! I didn’t even struggle as much as I thought I would  with not being able to ride everything I like (which is ALL the exciting stuff).

It was on our very first day of Disneyland that my dear, sweet, head-in-the-clouds Bruiser gave me my best vacation moment.

We were walking down the main street entering the park when it opened and he noticed these horse posts every so many feet along the brick sidewalk.

“Hey, mom! Are those like what the Roman roads were like?” he asked.

I was so taken back by his comment, because that boy does NOT listen. At first I thought he was referring to the bricks on the sidewalk and he remembered how we talked about the Romans using paver stones to make their roads. Nope. He noticed the columns and the horse heads and how they were evenly spaced along the sidewalk.

“No, not the bricks. Are those the mile-markers that the Romans used?” he corrected.

He DID listen when I taught him! He DID! And here I thought Monkey was really the only one actually paying attention.

That Bruiser is a very trying student, but I tell ya, when I see these little glimmers of learning from him, it really does make all the struggle worth it.


The “mile markers” were actually only every 20 feet or so and used to hold up the crowd-control parade ropes.

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  1. May 22, 2013 10:18 am

    LOVE this! I’ve got one who tries the soul, but its those moments that keep you going!

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