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Little Brown Men

December 18, 2012

Last year we gave Gingerbread Police Officers to our police department as a little Christmas thank you gift. The boys wanted to do that again this year, so we decided to make some for our volunteer fire department. We have 56 volunteers that serve our town. One of our two fire stations is right down the block from us. We hear them often enough and visit the station to check out the trucks more than a couple times each year.

Making firefighter cookies was a lot harder than the police officers. I didn’t want them to be red and end up looking like Santas. But my generic gingerbread cut-out is quite fat and pudgy and just not so good for a firefighter shape. I thought I’d outline them in yellow for their reflective stripe and fill them in with grey, just like their real gear.


Yea, they don’t look so much like firefighters. I tried some with buckles on their jackets, and some with suspenders. They just look like yellow & grey gingerbread men. Eh. The kids think they look great, and they do taste amazing!



We started out with 57 men and are down to 54. I’m going to have to eat another one after lunch. Three hours of decorating warrants at least two cookies in my belly!


Plus, what are the chances that ALL 56 volunteers will be at tonight’s meeting? At least a few of them won’t even like gingerbread, right?

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