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Sparky: 11 Months

July 7, 2012

Sparky turns 11 months today, also my Father-in-law’s birthday. One more to go. ONE. Ahhhhh! How can he be this close to a year old already?

3rd tooth came in. Spent the weekend all feverish and cranky, but it was all worth it for a new tooth to eat more food with! Sparky eats about 75% table food now and just a few purees. He really enjoys being like the big boys and feeding himself. I salvaged this plain blue fabric from last week’s flea market. Can’t beat free fabric, even if it is plain! Sophie is MIA again.

Surprise! Grammie came to visit! We finished up our first year of homeschool on Thursday and then went and picked Grammie up from the airport. It was a wonderful end-of-the-year surprise! Sparky was so good laying still for pictures this week since he had a new face to look at while I snapped away. The Chief and I also recently booked our 10th anniversary gift – a second honeymoon in Hawaii. We aren’t going until October, but I’m already a little nervous about leaving my baby behind for so long!

Tooth #5 came in (top left) and the one right to the left of that is ready to come any day now too. Sparky also took a spill out the kitchen door onto the concrete steps. Bruiser was there to break some of his fall (he was also the one who opened the door). The bump on his forehead isn’t even visible in the picture…all that’s left is the scrape on his nose. If he doesn’t realize it, Sparky can stand on his own for a few seconds without holding onto something. He has also taken up screaming at the top of his lungs for attention, ripping his bib off the instant he is done eating, and he can’t keep his curious little hands out of the DVD cabinet.

This week Sparky traded in the scab on his nose for some scratches on his leg. Who knows where he got them from. The boy is one curious climber. He scaled the back of a beach chair at the water park, tried climbing up his dresser drawers, made it to the top of the stairs, and always tries to climb higher on my body when I’m holding him. He will repeat the sound “mama” when I say it, but I’m still not sure he knows what it means yet.

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