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Sparky: 10 Months

June 24, 2012

Sparky turned 10 months old on the 7th of June. June has been as busy as December around here and I’ve been spending more time WITH my kids, and less time taking PICTURES and WRITING about it. I’d really rather be outside playing & doing yard work than sitting inside typing about it. And thus the reason for the sparse posts lately. I do want to stick with Sparky’s weekly pictures though. I WILL see that through to the end of his first year!

Here he is in his 9th month:

“Noonaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!” Sparky, The Chief, and I drove down to SC for Lois’ graduation. His Noonah and Umma (Lois’s Mom) came back with us to visit for a few days. I got a refresher course on Korean cooking (and wrote things down this time!) and Sparky enjoyed eating Korean pancake, noodles, and tiny bits of bulgogi. Since they have left I’ve cooked more pancake and boy does he love it!

9 month check-up went great. My little man is only in the 21% for weight, but the 66% for height. He is growing well and I love that he still fits in his infant car seat. We may actually make it the whole year! Both Monkey and Bruiser outgrew it around 9/10 months. I enjoyed a lovely Mother’s Day which started with breakfast in bed and a new outfit from my boys who like when their Mama wears a skirt. =)

Nom, nom, nom….foreshadowing….See that spot in his mouth where he’s chewing Sophie’s ear? That’s where tooth #3 makes it’s appearance in a few weeks. We spent this past week watching Monkey and Bruiser play T-ball and helping me sort flowers at NHCS. He was a good boy strapped to my back. He is getting more and more mischevious when left alone. No bottom cupboard is safe anymore. DVD shelf, night lights, and anything he can unplug is fair game for him. He’s just an energy-saver, I say. Always wants the stuff unplugged!

Now that the weather is nice enough to take pictures outside again, I’m getting MUCH better lighting which makes for crisper brighter pictures. All the better to show off the leaf that Sparky decided to snack on during our photo shoot! I didn’t even notice he grabbed that until I snapped this picture. Last week we attended a ladybug birthday party for Madisyn who turned 2. Clayton’s Cat in the Hat party was the next weekend. Sparky got a sweet new tie-dye onsie from craft time there.

Sparky has been a real trooper this week! I’ve been at church every day helping with the Flea Market and haven’t had much time to even iron a piece of fabric for the boy! I’ll be cutting up the onsie for this week’s quilt square. He wasn’t too keen on laying on the grass. I’ve got a slew of pictures with him in “crunch” position doing everything he can to keep his head and limbs off the tickly vegetation.

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  1. Winona permalink
    June 25, 2012 2:08 am

    I really noticed how Mr. Giraffe appears to be getting smaller as Hayden continues to thrive.

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