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Bud (aka Sparky): 9 Months

May 18, 2012

Sparky? Yep, Sparky. Read on…the last picture explains it.

Bud, I mean Sparky, is 9 months old now. Well, that happened 11 days ago. I think this is the first month I’ve been late with his pictures. Spring is almost as crazy as Christmas around our house!

Here they are finally. What Sparky has been up to during his 8th month:

It was only a few weeks ago that he really started crawling on hands and knees and already he is pulling up on furniture. He doesn’t do it that often, but he can. He has also taken to babbling “babababa” which currently seems to have no meaning. Monkey and Bruiser love to imitate him and they make a game of playing “baby talk” back and forth with the baby.

Teeth. He has two of them now and is getting used to how they feel. Bottom left came in the day after Easter and the bottom right followed in 7 days after. Bud has been a fevery, nose-dripping, diaper rashing, fussy kid lately. The teeth breaking through came right on the heels of a cold too, so it’s been non-stop drippy nose for him. I feel bad for the little booger.

Stay still already! I have a feeling these “laying on your back” weekly pictures are going to be rather challenging from now on! Today was Bruiser’s 4th birthday. Celebrated with an awesome rainbow party on Saturday. Can you find the hidden Sophie?

Introducing: Sparky! He has been called “Bud” on the blog since we announced our pregnancy. But as he has grown and developed a personality, the name just doesn’t seem to fit. Our nursery Sunday School teachers have been calling him “Sparky” for weeks now, because of his red hair. It just seems to get a little more orange every week. The name Sparky also fits our little guy’s VERY energetic personality.

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