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A Four Year Old’s Dinner Request of Four Things

April 23, 2012

Each year on their birthday, our kids get to pick whatever they want for dinner as long as it is a moderately healthy food. (Cookies & chips? No. Hot dogs & mac? Ok, fine.)

I was very surprised by the answer that Bruiser gave me. I thought for sure it would be the aforementioned hot dogs and mac n cheese. The boy LOVES his junk food and isn’t so keen on his veggies.

The first thing he told me?

“Chrimp.” (Yes, you read that right. The boy keeps calling it chrimp instead of shrimp).

“Shrimp? Are you sure?”

He only recently decided he liked shrimp. Monkey picked that for his birthday dinner, and I think that’s why Bruiser did too.

“What kind of shrimp? The cold kind you eat with your fingers, or the hot kind?”

“Warm chrimp. Plain, warm chrimp. Not with noodles or other stuff. Just plain.”

“Ok, I can do that. What else? What kind of vegetable would you like?”

“Carrots. Big carrots, not baby carrots.”

“Cooked or raw?”

“Crunchy. And big. I don’t like you to cut it. I like it big.”

“You got it. Shrimp and big crunchy carrots. What else?”

“Ummm. Corn! We haven’t had corn in years! I mean the big corn you eat like this (demonstrates eating corn on the cob.)”

“Sure, we can have that too. It’s not exactly corn on the cob season yet, but I’ll see what I can do.”

His last minute addition was to have a slice of bread and butter. That was easy enough. I made him a fresh loaf.

Here it is: A four-year old’s dinner request:

It was kind of a hectic night getting everything/everyone to the table, so I only snapped a quick picture. That plate looks so silly with one giant raw carrot on it! He did get bread and butter too, it just hadn’t been sliced yet.

For my kid who struggles to eat just about every dinner, we had no arguments from him about this one! Birthday present to me!

His birthday is actually today, and we are taking him out on a special date, just the Chief, him and I so we ate his dinner last night.

One other thing we do each year is I sit down with them before bed and show them their baby book and tell them all about the day they were born. Then we talk about getting older and the new responsibilities and privileges they will have because they are older.

These are the new changes that Bruiser gets to look forward to (some he is not so happy about):

No more padded underpants at night. (He hasn’t wet the bed all month!)

Gets to read a book in bed quietly by himself (after I have read to him) before taking his nap.

Gets to play T-ball.

Gets to go to 4/5 year old storytime at the library WITHOUT mom, instead of 2/3 year old storytime with mom.

Gets to go to Patch the Pirate Club instead of nursery.

Sits in big church quietly during afternoon service instead of going to nursery.

He must wipe his own bottom.

Sits on the stool for an extra minute (4 minutes) when having a time-out.

After flipping back through my pictures, I realized I don’t have ANY of just him from April or March. I’ll snap some when he wakes up from his nap and post them later. =)

Happy Birthday, little man. You sure do add an energy to this house like no one else could!

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  1. Lydia Hickok permalink
    April 24, 2012 2:27 am

    Love this post! Some great ideas that i will for sure steal. Great job, Momma! Love seeing your kiddos getting bigger!

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