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My Spring Flowers

April 10, 2012

Spring is most certainly here. And with it comes loads and loads of “pretty yellow flowers.” I’ve given up trying to keep these dandys alive with tiny jars of water. They usually come to me crumpled up in a sweaty little palm, so I’m just going with that crumpled up vibe and mushing them into a glass jar. And ya know, strangely, I think they actually do look pretty sitting there in a beam of sunlight.

I know they just keep growing right back, but maybe I can convince the kids that I like them so much that they will pick the new heads for me every day and they will never even get the chance to turn white and spread!

HA! As if boys could keep there attention on flowers for that long to pick them all!

Now if I offered a penny per dandy head, they might go for that!

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