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Bud: 8 Months

April 7, 2012

Haydey-Baby turned 8 months old today. Here’s a look back life during his 7th month:

"Yea! Grammie and Pop-Pop came to visit me! And They brought this fabric for my picture too. Usually they would fly to visit, but this time they were able to drive."

Yahoo! Carrots! This past week we discovered that last year's crop of carrots stayed fresh in the ground through the winter. We dug them up and ate some raw, cooked some with chicken and dumplings, and Bud got the rest for baby food.

He's Crawling! Haydey-Baby does the half Army-crawl, half regular crawl thing to get where he needs to go. As he builds up his muscles, I'm sure he will be getting around quickly in no time! Too soon. It's just way too soon to have another mobile boy in this house!

Squirmy wormy just doesn't like to lay on his back looking up for the camera anymore. He kept rolling over and trying to crawl away. I got Monkey to come and help me keep him still by tickling him then pulling his hand away. Of course, the shots without Monkey's hand didn't come out so well, so the tickle made the picture.

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