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Bud: 7 Months

March 6, 2012

With every week that passes the boy’s personality shines more and more. Here is how Bud has changed during his sixth month.

Bud sits very well now. I feel comfortable leaving him sitting without pillows stuffed around him. He also gets up on his hands and knees and rocks with all his might. When the mood strikes him, he is happy to carry on a "conversation" with you in his sweet gurgly voice. At his six-month doctor visit he weighed 17 lbs 9 oz and was 26.25 inches long which keeps him in the spot of "smallest of the brothers."

Sophie has been having her legs chomped on quite a lot as Bud goes through teething spurts. No teeth yet, but they'll be here soon enough. Bud continues to eat his baby food like a champ and screams with all his might when he wants to be taken out of his highchair. I've put the swing, Bumbo seat and play gym away.

Ahhhhh!!!!!! Bud has become a serious screamer, filling the role of Mr. Noisy quite well. You could also call him Mr. Bump as he still falls over and bonks himself often enough. In the evenings he turns into Mr. Tickle when I'm undressing him for bed (oh, those armpits!) Mr. Strong shows off his muscles when he is rocking back and forth trying to crawl. But most of all, Bud really is a Mr. Happy.

The more contemplative side of Haydey-Baby. Bud has a new nickname around here. "Haydey-Baby." One of our friends one-year old daughter called him that and we thought it was so cute, its kind-of stuck. =)

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