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Bud: 6 Months

February 7, 2012

Half-way already! Say it ain’t so! I can’t believe I’m already half-way done with this photo project.

Here he is, my little growing weed!

He's peaceful when he's sick. =( Poor guy got another cold. His older brothers just love him too much. If you look close you can see a watery-eye tear falling down the corner of his right eye. This week Bud is laying on a baby-sized quilt I made in highschool. It is currently the only quilt I've ever made. The quilt I'm GOING to make with all these fabric scraps will be my second. Thankfully, I saved some scrap from this quilt, so I can put in one square to his new one too.

Monkey was a Knight for halloween. Monkey and Bruiser got a castle and knights for Christmas. Monkey had a castle birthday party. Let's just say it's been rather medieval around here lately. Bud has been adding his touch by waking up twice during the night again. Being sick really threw the guy off. Hopefully he can get it worked back out. Mama would really like a full night's sleep again. In other Bud news: he has found his feet!

Food! Bud has been eying our food for a few weeks now and literally dove for my bread with mouth wide open. I took that as the not-so-subtle clue that he was ready for some solid food. Bud's first foods have included oatmeal, carrots, pears, applesauce, peas, sweet potatoes and peaches. So far he has liked everything he has tasted. He knew right from the beginning how to swallow without spitting anything out.

This sure has been the winter of "no snow." I was going to save this fabric for a big storm, but I'm not so sure it's going to come, so I figured I better use it here on this day of a pretty dusting. That beautiful white fluff is just what Bud is looking out the door at. He now likes to pull off his socks and suck on them. He doesn't suck on his toes at all, just soaks the socks. Teething is really getting going and he is starting to drool more and is constantly seeking for something to chew.

Around 4 months old I got pictures of Monkey and Bruiser's "kissable" parts and had them put in a black and white collage. I've been putting it off with Bud because I have so much trouble getting good indoor shots in my house. I took Bruiser's pictures outside and Monkey's were done professionally. Today I finally got around to taking his naked kissable pictures on the white inside of my comforter. Turns out 4 months is a lot easier to do than 6 months, because this is one squirmy baby! There will definately be another photo session in our future...I only got a few decent shots. Bud is into grabbing onto anything he can like dangly earings and camera straps for instance! He also started pushing up on his hands and knees and sits pretty well unsupported.

To see what I mean by the “kissables” collage, click here.

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