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Monkey’s Fifth

February 6, 2012

I’m still here. Really I am. January is a busy month around here.

After coming back from visiting out-of-state family, we rush into Monkey’s birthday, then jump back into the routine of homeschool. A growing baby who is now eating food, takes a bit more of my time. Mix that together with a few other things and that leaves me a little stretched for time. My “fun” computer time is the first thing to get cut.

To keep you caught up, here’s what we did for Monkey’s 5th birthday:

“What do you want for your birthday dinner?”

“Shrimp and noodles.”

Monkey is not your typical 5 year old when it comes to food. So I found a new recipe for ginger lime shrimp & noodles. It was delicious!

Yes, of course he ate it all!

I concocted a “cake” for his actual birthday using chocolate cake scraps from his party cake, strawberries, the last bit of cool whip we had in the fridge, and some Slickepott Fudge Sauce.

As for the party – he was still on a knight kick from halloween, so we did a Castle themed party. For my boys, the party is all about the CAKE.

This was my inspiration cake from Pinterest.

My version of the Pinterest cake.

Dragon bread inspiration image from Pinterest. What’s a castle party without a dragon to slay?

My gnarly looking dragon bread.

We chopped him up good and proper and dipped him in some delish cranberry cheese fondue from my Melting Pot cookbook.

I didn’t go too crazy on the decor…just a few simple decorations, and some dollar-store table cloths.

I borrowed Bruiser’s cape and transformed myself into the “party princess” when it was game time.

We played a little game called “slay the dragon.” The knight had to start at the end of the hall and go tap the dragon with his wrapping paper tube sword while not getting hit by the dragon’s fireballs (wadded newspaper).

This is what you call a “princess knight.” She is ready for business! Look at that serious face.

Knight Bruiser puts on his angriest face as he prepares to battle the dragon.

Beware, the fierce red-eyed dragon!

With three knights slain, Monkey was the only hope to slay the dragon. Could he do it? Nope.

The Chief vs. Uncle Zach…perhaps my favorite part of the whole party. Nothing quite like seeing a grown man wear a size 18 month dragon on his head while he hurls wadded up newspaper at his friend dressed like a knight.

Uncle Zach shows the kids how it’s done…

Making shields for a craft rounded out the day. A few days later, Brusier told me he wants a castle party for his birthday too. I guess that means it was a success!

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