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Bud: 5 Months

January 7, 2012

My sweet little baby is getting too big! He is definitely moving into “middle-babydom” rather than “infant” now.

He likes to grab at stuff.

He stands up and bounces like mad in his jumparoo.

He recently started sitting up.

He carries on “conversations” and looks at the person in the room who is talking.

He thinks what’s going on around him is more important than nursing. I can’t even talk to anyone while he is eating, or he will become distracted.

He keeps eyeing food as it enters our mouths at the dinner table. I can see the wheels turning in that noggin’ of his wondering why we keep doing that and where does it go?

Here’s how his looks have changed over the past month:

Usually I take Bud's picture on a Sunday or Monday. This one didn't happen until Thursday. Oops. It has finally started to get cold here and so the mitten fabric, chosen by Lois, was very appropriate. I still have trouble keeping this boy's hands out of his mouth!

The little finger-sucking Goober Nut (as his Father so affectionately calls him) has learned to roll over. First from his back to his belly and the next day from his belly to his back. I also used this pretty bird flannel to make a heat-sac for Bud's Great Grandmother's Christmas gift. I LOVE the fabric and am thrilled that I got the lighting so much better in this picture. These weekly photo sessions are as fun for me learning to take better pictures as they are capturing my sweet babys growth.

This week brought another long car trip. Bud did very well traveling to New England and celebrated a joyous Christmas with all the family. He really has been my best gift of the year. Here Bud is making smiles for Boppy (my Dad) who is just out of screen shot. The fabric came from my mom's bin of scraps. I love that it is only subtly Christmasy and not screaming red and green. (I'm learning that reds aren't that great for photographing my baby on).

Strawberry-blondie blowing raspberries at Sophie. Rasberry-blowing is Bud's newly learned trick this week. It is also the first week of the new year and the first snow with accumulation that stayed on the ground. This past week he has also been marching while standing as if he is ready to get going. Please, not yet! This festive fabric was Grammie's choice. (That's "Grammie" with an "-ie" not a "-y." We've got to tell them apart somehow!)

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