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Not a Baby Anymore (For Real This Time)

January 4, 2012

As a little baby Monkey would make the cutest kissy faces. Usually right after he finished nursing.

As an older baby his kissy face turned into an “Ooo!” face whenever he saw something he liked, presents and cake for example.

At 15 months old, he learned to walk and I found myself saying “Awe, he’s not a little baby anymore.”

Then two weeks later, Bruiser was born. When Monkey first saw his new brother I realized how big he was compared to our new little bundle. “He’s certainly not a little baby anymore!” I said.

At 22 months, Monkey learned to use the potty. “Ok, it’s official. No more diapers. He’s really not a baby anymore.”

At three, Monkey sat in a big chair, ate cleanly without a bib, and no longer used a sippy cup. “Ok, NOW he’s not a baby anymore!” I tried to tell myself. But then I’d look at his hands and see that he still had dimples instead of knuckles and I knew he was still my baby.

At four, Monkey became an older brother for the second time and started kindergarten a month after Bud was born. “He’s in school now. Surely now my oldest boy is not a baby anymore. All his baby chub has left him. But…but…I’m still adding things to his BABY book!” I reasoned with myself.

Today my boy turns five. I looked in his baby book. “My 5th Birthday” is the last page. I guess that makes it official.

He’s not a baby anymore. For real this time.

Here are some pictures I took of him just this morning playing with the new castle he and Bruiser got for Christmas.

This is what happens when I ask him to smile nice so I can get a good picture of him on his birthday.

Yep, he’s got that “big kid” awkward grin thing going on that says “Really mom? I’m doing this because you asked me to, but I’m really not into it. Can I please keep playing?”

It’s official all right.

My baby is a big kid now.

I need to go and read this book again:

And then cry.

And then come to terms with the fact that Monkey really IS a big boy now.

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