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Mini Me

December 15, 2011

It’s the Chief’s birthday today.

Sometimes I feel like there are two Chiefs in the house.

You see, Monkey is really just a tiny Chief. It’s a little eerie actually.

Baby Chief and Baby Monkey

A while back I started making a list of all their likenesses. Then I added Bruiser on there too, comparing him to myself. Yep, if I were a boy, I would be Bruiser.

It’s pretty cool to see a little reflection of yourself in your kids. (And a little scary too!)

Happy Birthday, Chief. Thanks for passing on some of your best qualities to your kids. Now there’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Mini Chief (aka: Monkey)

Mini Twighee (aka: Bruiser)

Cleans his plate at nearly every meal Would be perfectly content not eating a single meal, but rather grazing at food all day long
Loves  all kinds of vegetables Loves anything sweet
Cautious Adventurous
Attracted to anything electronic Timid around new people/situations. Doesn’t like playing with new kids
Loves learning about how things work Lays in bed for a while before falling asleep at night
Excellent navigator & remembers directions Tries to be silly/say something funny to get a laugh
Amazing memory Excellent story-teller
Early reader Quick potty trainee
Favorite sport is baseball Not all that into sports
Steps up into leadership roles Keeps his toes right on “the line” and constantly tries to step over
Fidgets with his hands Stubborn
Complains about any little boo-boo Tough guy. Bumps and bruises don’t bother him too much
Same hairline Blue eyes
Into computers Into food
Very observant Easily distracted
Likes to have a plan Wants things done his own way
Doesn’t want to try it unless he knows ahead of time that he will succeed Willing to give any new adventure a try
Quick learner in most academic areas Does things on his own timeline
Inquisitive & seeks to learn more
Prefers to stay clean Dirt doesn’t phase him
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