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Where My Kids At? Part 1

December 5, 2011
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It never happened with my first. It might have happened with my second, I don’t remember. Has it happened to you?


Monkey and Bruiser went outside to shovel the frost. (Yes, you read that right).

I put the baby down and went about my housework. I peeked on the boys outside now and then to make sure they were still in the yard. They were. They were a mess, but they were still in the yard. Back to work I go. Another load of laundry, put this piece of clutter back where it belongs, put that piece of clutter back where it belongs, get tired of the clutter and throw a bunch of stuff out. You know how it goes…

Then I got distracted in the basement trying to organize my laundry room. Nearly an hour had passed and it hit me that it was just way too quiet in the house and I was actually making progress in the basement. Wait! Where is the baby? I knew the older boys were outside, but what did I do with Bud?

I seriously could not remember where I put him down. I rushed around the house to see where I had left him.

Not in the pack ‘n play.

Not in the swing.

Not in the bouncy seat.

Oh, phew. There he is.

Right in the Jump-a-roo where I left him (of course).

Just not in the same state I left him.

Poor baby. His negligent mama forgot to put him down for a morning nap. So he just took one right where he was.

After finding my youngest, it was time to check on the older two again.

They were NOT still shoveling the frost…


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