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Bud: 3 Months

November 7, 2011

Bud is three months old today! He continues to be as sweet as can be.

Bud has been putting a lot of energy into sucking his fingers, thumb, or fist this week. The boy wants badly to be able to suck something on his right hand! Most of the time it is just a knuckle. He may be looking more like Monkey, but the finger-sucking is all Bruiser.

The boy is an angel. Truely. He now sleeps 8-9 hours at night, hardly fusses, and gives the most darling smiles. He has been cooing more and still working on finding those fingers to suck.

Although he was born a Red Sox fan, thanks to Monkey's T-Ball team, we're cheering for the Texas Rangers in the World Series this week. Will they be Number One? Bud thinks so!

Happy Halloween! Bud got bundled up in Sport's little pumpkin outfit and strolled around the neighborhood with his brothers for a rainy Halloween. In other baby news, he has learned to bat at objects and kick his bouncy chair to make noise. He is much more vocal and so close to laughing.

After three weeks of sleeping 9-10 hours at night, Bud woke up after only 6 hours the first three nights this week. Growth spurt? That's my guess because he was so much more active during the day, swatting at objects and really concentrating. Later in the week he was back on his old 10-hour sleep schedule, then came the time change on Sunday.

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  1. Mrs. Winona M. Witowski permalink
    November 13, 2011 10:40 pm

    Children are truly a blessing. Thanks for sharing your photo-bio of Hayden.

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