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The Best Book

October 26, 2011
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We had 15 minutes to kill after dinner before we had to leave for church.

“Boys, go grab a book and meet me on the couch,” I told them.

When Monkey came to the room he was holding his Bible.

“Is that the book you want me to read to you?” I asked, making sure he wasn’t just getting his things ready for church.

“Yes, I want you to read me the Holy Spirit.” (He always says Holy Spirit when he means Holy Scriptures. I love that he calls the Bible the Holy Scriptures!)

I gave him a big hug as he sat next to me.

“That is the BEST book you could have picked,” I told him as my heart turned as mushy as the cookies we baked earlier that day.

Today Monkey bossed his friend and brother around, he pushed Bruiser to the ground twice, he threw a fit over cleaning up his toys, he fussed over his reading lesson, he didn’t nap until 10 minutes before he was supposed to get up, and he made a mess at dinner because he was being silly at the table.

I get tired of dealing with the same problems every single day.

But when he comes into the room wanting me to read the Bible to him…I know it’s all ok.

Thank you, Lord, for keeping my Monkey’s heart tender. Please help me to be kind to him always guiding him toward You.

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  1. Mrs. Winona M. Witowski permalink
    November 18, 2011 12:06 am

    Blessings to all for a peaceful holiday season filled with faith, hope and love.

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