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Bud: 2 Months

October 7, 2011

My littlest man is 2 months old today and how fast it has gone already! He not a newborn anymore. His head doesn’t wobble and bob, he puts weight on his legs for 30-60 seconds, he smiles, grasps objects, and is starting to find his voice.

He is an amazing sleeper too! I put him down awake each night around 10-10:30 and he falls asleep with the help of his heartbeat bear. He doesn’t wake again until around 5:00! Good boy gives his mama a solid 7 hours of sleep on average. =) He even went 9 hours one night. (The rest was nice, the soreness in the morning, not so much!)

Here is my not-so-little-anymore Bud:

"Bless you" - Sneezing on a piece of jungle fabric leftover from my first baby shower (Monkey's).

This fabric is similar to one of our wet bags - It was this week when Bud was big enough to start using all the one-size diapers instead of the prefolds! Mommy is so happy about that. Maybe that's why he started smiling more this week too!

First two attempts at milk from a bottle: didn't go so well. Sophie is AWOL - I'm sad that she's missing from the pictures already, but not surprised. Smiles abound! Onsie has been upgraded to 3-6m from the 0-3m.

Sophie is back and Bud won't let go! He has discovered how to grab onto things, mainly my hair!

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