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October 5, 2011
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Have you ever read a blog where the rooms are always nice and neat, the yard is impeccable, and the kids are smiling? Inside, you just know it can’t be that perfect all the time, but still you start to think it may be. You start to feel like your own abilities are inferior to their amazing DIY-for-$0.25-reupholstering-project?

I love my Google Reader and all the blogs I have on there, but sometimes I start to feel a bit discontent with all the “perfectness” that is portrayed. I do it myself. I don’t really want to tell everyone about the enormous temper-tantrum that Bruiser had over leaving the nursery or the complaining that occurs because I gave them a “yucky” dinner. It happens in every family, but it’s the stuff we like to leave in the closet. Plus, what’s a blog without pictures? And who takes a picture of their kid thrashing about on the floor while you’re trying to discipline him?

Today I’d like to keep it real for you. It’s not perfect over here. There are  piles of folded laundry stacked on the toy box that have been there for days, crumbs on the floor, and children who haven’t seen the tub since Saturday. It happens.

Ever since a few weeks before Bud was born, our yard has been quite neglected. And not the kind of neglected where everything dies. The weeds abound!

The garden still has good carrots buried under the ground…somewhere.

I’ve got a few different varieties of “super-weeds” too!

This lovely one has some dandelionesque seeds that the boys helped spread around so we can grow even more superweeds next year!

One of my favorites is this one with a stalk as thick as a sunflower.

It got too heavy for itself though, and fell over curving about my flower bed. Bruiser had to hold it up for me show how big it is.

Die weed!

So there you go. May this bring a smile to your face to know that you aren’t the only one who has gotten behind. (Or am I the only one?)

No, it can’t be! =)

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