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Not “Zero” Anymore

September 7, 2011

When asked how old their baby brother is, Monkey and Bruiser have been replying with “zero.” He is not yet one year, he wass not even one month. Keeping track of the weeks was just too much. Today that all changed. Bud went from “zero” to one today. One month, that is.

While I was pregnant and taking weekly belly pictures, I was also reading a blog called Young House Love where they were also taking weekly pictures. Their weekly pictures were of their baby girl, Clara. I loved what they did by Photoshopping Clara’s age on her onsie.

I made a photo book of all my belly pictures and love the way it came out, so I decided to just keep going with Bud’s weekly pictures in a simplified Young House Love way since I’m not so good at Photoshop. (Nor do I have a well-lit sunroom like they do, so I’m still working on getting my pictures not so shadowy).

I’m trying to make the background have some kind of meaning to it each week. So far I’m three out of four. I’ve also added “Sophie la Giraffe” into the mix for a better judge of scale since each week will be a different print and crop.

Happy One-month, Bud!

Fabric that resembles the gown I gave birth in.

Fabric from the wrap I use to carry him in (especially during our after-church fellowships so I can have my hands free to help the older brothers with their lunch and still have free hands to eat my lunch).

The quilt Bud's Grammie made for him that is the same pattern (different fabric) as the quilts that she made for Monkey and Bruiser.

Nothing special about this fabric other than it was 50% off and only cost me $2.50 for the yard.

I’m not going to even try to keep up blogging these weekly pictures (you saw what happened with the pregnancy ones), but I will try to post them in batches every month.

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