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Chip MoNSteR!

September 6, 2011

In all my frugality, I dumped approximately two cups of broken tortilla crumbs onto Brusier’s lunch plate. Not only were they all quarter-sized crumbs, they were stale. Still, I knew he would eat them. After seeing that his brother got ALL the chips and he got NONE, Monkey started whining about how he wanted chips too. After yet another speech about grumbling and trusting his Mother, I gave the boy five perfectly shaped triangle tortilla chips from a new bag. After thanking me (at least I got that much out of him!) he set out to have a plate EXACTLY like his brother. It’s all about fairness, you know.

“Look Mom, My muscles are so big, I can crush this chip with my strong arm!”

All about fairness AND muscles, I guess.

On any other day, I wouldn’t have let the boy make such a mess of his food, but across the table a whole different kind of mess was already going on.

A little thing he calls “the excavator.” It resembles more the eating style of Cookie Monster without the “num, num, num…me LOVE cookies!”

Now, I must say, this too is not behavior that is usually ok at our table. I was feeling nice today. And, really how could I expect my three year old to eat 328 chip pieces before nap time if I didn’t let him shovel them in?

After every bite bucket load at least half the crumbs fell out of the boys hands…much like Cookie Monster. (Although I’m pretty sure 100% of Cookie’s crumbs didn’t actually go into his mouth).

Bud has been the new centerpiece at our lunch table, lest he not be included in such festivities.

At least he wasn’t watching all that monstrous behavior going on behind him.

After the crumbs were all licked off the plate, (yes, I said “licked”) there was still quite a mess on the floor.

Like all GOOD chip monsters, he swept them up.

Until he decided he was still hungry and those pieces would be better off in his tummy than in the sweeper.

He’s still three, I keep telling myself. He’s still just three.

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