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A Four-year Old’s Faith

August 1, 2011

The children were to clean up their outdoor toys before coming in for lunch. When I looked out the back window to inspect, I saw no stray balls or trucks that had been missed. It appeared as though each child did the jobs I asked of them. I was so pleased that they had done so well, since usually clean-up time is filled with whining.

Half-way through the lunch meal, Monkey gasped and said “Oh no! I don’t think Bruiser closed the toy bin and our toys will get wet and I don’t want you to throw them away!”

He was recalling the last rain storm that had filled the bin and ruined all our foam balls and leather mitts. Those toys went right from the wet bin to the trash can.

I don’t recall what was going on that I didn’t excuse him from the table to go out right then and cover the bin. I do recall what Monkey did next.

He put his sandwich down and bowed his head.

“Dear Jesus, I remember that you are everywhere, so could you please cover our toy bin? Amen.”

I melted right away at his faith and planned to go out after they were in bed to cover the bin. I forgot.

Fast-forward three days. It rained. Thunder-stormed. Wind was blowing the water sideways and every which way. I remembered the open bin, but it was too late now. The toys would be soaked. I said nothing to the children knowing there would be tears. They didn’t remember about it either.

The next day the three of us went out to play a game of baseball. When we reached the bin Monkey noticed it was closed and right away said “He heard my prayer! God closed the bin for us, because I asked Him!”

Not only is God everywhere, He knows all things, including future things. I truly believe He orchestrated those events to strengthen Monkey’s faith in Him. Bruiser probably did shut the bin on that very first day and just didn’t remember doing it.

And because of a simple thing like that, Monkey learned to trust his heavenly Father a little bit more that day.

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  1. Squirt's mom permalink
    August 4, 2011 8:54 pm

    wow. love this.

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