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July 26, 2011

There is so much to do around here lately that I just haven’t even known where to start. Baby things, house things, broken things to fix, stuff we need to buy, responsibilities I need to wrap up…there is always something that pops into my head that needs to get done, but I never have time to do it right then. So I sat down yesterday to make some sort of plan to actually get stuff done instead of just wandering around in it. I made a list. Six lists, actually. I feel much more organized about it all, but no less overwhelmed.


It’s a really big list. (With two more on the back). Nothing on the list is the daily stuff of making meals, doing laundry (which is currently on hold due to a busted washing machine), keeping the house somewhat in order, and tending to the children.

I’ve been singing “little by little” as the morning goes along and I’ve yet to cross off one of those things.

Why is it I keep getting projects only half done?

The chief and I are making a goal to try and each get at least one thing done every day. If we have time, we’ll pick a bigger thing. If we have no time, we pick something like “take hose-reel off house and throw it away.”

Last night, the Chief finished the closure on the electrical box so that it would pass inspection.

We failed the first time around. Four X’s. Oops.

Mr. Inspector said we needed:

1. To have each circuit labeled. We had the existing ones done, but never did the new ones.

2. We had some open holes that would be dangerous if anyone (say rowdy little boys) stuck their fingers in there.

3. We were missing some screws that held the cover in place.

4. The “pretty door” that covers the ugly metal box didn’t have it’s latch yet, so it wouldn’t stay closed.

The best part of the failed inspection, was that Mr. Inspector wouldn’t leave until he remedied the #2 problem. He was too concerned that my kids (who aren’t allowed in that room unattended) would reach up (to the 4+ foot high) box and stick their fingers in the holes. So he preformed a quick little fix to “deter” them.

Here is his handiwork:

Much safer than this:

Don’t you agree?

We all groaned over that one.

Anyhow that is all over now. The chief finished the latch on the “pretty door” last night completing Mr. Inspector’s requirements and crossing off the first thing on the “repair” list.

Mr. Inspector came back this morning and slapped our pretty lime green “passed” sticker onto the box. Only one more inspection to go and we’re done! Until the county tax people come back again to reassess our property, that is. Then everyone should just leave us alone about it! Doing things legally is just so much fun…

My job for the day is moving our stuff down into the bathroom. The shower is in (story on that to come soon) and we are now using all of the wonderful new conveniences a second bathroom provides! It would just be a lot more convenient if ALL my stuff was down there instead of half upstairs and half down. Speaking of half’s….I’m half-way done with the “moving the stuff” project so I’m going to forgo my afternoon nap and try to finish that up before my two balls of energy get moving again.



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