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Bud: Week 34

June 29, 2011

He heard me. (He always does).

He said “yes.”

I trusted that He would.

It was hard to not think about it constantly, but worrying wasn’t going to help. So I casted my care to Him. (1 Peter 5:7) and He lightened my load.

Then He took that load away. AWAY!

Today I am praising my Lord, because the baby has flipped!

Bud is now in the vertex position and I am so thankful.

After three Webster treatments with Mr. Chiropractor, the baby has turned and my backaches are practically non-existent.

I’ve also been sleeping well at night (usually waking only once to pee).

I’m definitely getting eager to meet this new little person. The Chief and I attended a class about cloth diapering to help sort out the myriad of types of cloth diapes that are out there. We chose what we think will work best for us and put them on our Amazon registry. I did a little nesting this week, cleaning out Bruiser’s closet and a drawer in his room to make space for the baby’s diapers and hanging clothes. Poor Bruiser was a little traumatized when he opened his t-shirt drawer only to find it full of baby diapering things. After a little talk, he was ok with sharing his space with the baby.

I’ve been feeling like a newborn baby myself lately. Waking up hungry and then feeling overwhelmingly tired about two hours later. I haven’t been napping in the afternoon with the boys as much because then I find myself laying awake at night with a brain that won’t turn off.

The Chief has been working very hard to put the finishing touches on our bedroom so we can finally move down there. As soon as that happens, the nesting will begin in full swing! I am so ready to walk through this house with a big trash bag and get everything in it’s place once again. Until then, I’ll be downstairs filling in nail holes and doing paint touch-ups…

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