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Bud: Week 33

June 21, 2011

Last week when I found out Bud was still breech I began researching alternative methods to turning this baby other than an External Cephalic Version which didn’t work out so well last time.

The most promising thing I found was something called the Webster Technique which is something that Chiropractors do. Not just any Chiropractor, mind you. They’ve got to be certified in the technique. As it turns out there are only about 4 in the Western PA area who are certified. Fortunately one of them was only a 15 minute drive from my house, so I set up an appointment and had my first “treatment” today. I’m a chiropractor patient rookie, so I figured I’d write about my experience for the rest of you who have never been either.

Dr. Chiropractor explained the idea behind the Webster Technique this way:

You have several ligaments (think of them as duct tape) strapped around your uterus (think of it like a water balloon) holding it in place.  This all rests on your pelvic floor muscles (think of this as a ring that the balloon rests on).

If you take the tape over the water balloon at an angle, what happens to the balloon? It twists too. The uterus is constricted and the pressure inside is greater because the area is smaller. These things make it harder for baby to move into a good position.

The goal of the Webster Technique is simply to re-align those ligaments to allow the uterus to be in the best position which would then give the baby the best chance to turn.

When I met with Dr. Chiropractor I told him of the sharp pain I would get in my right hip/lower back area now and then…like I tweaked something. It gives me great pain to walk when that happens. He noticed it right away just by watching me walk. When he was adjusting that right hip issue he noticed all the varicose veins I have in my right leg only and how much more tense my right gluteus muscle was (not to mention tender to the touch). When he moved my left hip, my left leg moved. Good. When he moved my right hip, both legs moved. Bad. When he was done they moved correctly. Yea!

After the hip-issue was delt with, he could get on to the Webster part. To me it pretty much felt like a 5 minute lower back massage with some thumb pressure. He also told me about a pelvic tilt exercise that he wants me to do 100x a day to strengthen my abdominal muscles. Strengthen a pregnant women’s abs? I nearly laughed. Since pregnant women have an abundance of progesterone to relax the ligaments in their bodies it makes it really easy for a chiropractor to do adjustments with minimal pressure. Of course on the flip-side it also makes it easy for things to slip back out of place. So to prevent that you’ve got to strengthen those muscles. I need to get my abs strong enough that my pelvis isn’t having to do work that it shouldn’t need to be doing. Hopefully all these things will make a happier environment for baby and little Bud will turn head-down.

This may sound crazy, but already I’ve noticed a change in the veins in my right leg. Despite the hot & humid weather and the shopping I’ve done today in flip-flops, my veins actually look better! Now to get this baby into gymnastic mode…

At the very least, going for Webster treatments isn’t going to hurt. The success rate is around that of the External Cephalic Version; about 50%. Dr. Chiropractor did say that if the baby won’t turn on his own and I do end up going for an ECV, having prior Webster treatments increases the likelihood that the ECV will be successful, because there will be less pressure on the uterus for baby to move around. Good news.

So until next treatment, I’ll be here doing pelvic tilts and Kegels while praying that Bud finds a way to get her head down.

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