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Pool Problem

June 16, 2011

A couple of weekends ago the Chief and I spent a whole lot of time working in the basement to get it ready for the carpet guys. One of my jobs was to paint the trim in the stair well.

The boys love to paint. This was not a job they could do. Had I let them stay inside, it would have been a morning of them begging me to let them help, so I threw them out.

I slathered them in sunblock, put on their bathing suits and gave them an empty pool and a hose. The pool was right outside the open window near the stairs so I could listen for them.

The plan worked perfectly. They laughed and giggled while filling the pool with water and squirting each other in the process. I knew no one was drowning, because I could hear them both the whole time.

Down one step at a time, I painted away until I had the thought that maybe the pool had enough water in it by now. When I reached the bottom step, I stopped painting to go up and check on them.

They were just fine.

My dining room was not.

While leaving the window open to listen in on the children seemed to be a good idea, it obviously was not. I didn’t fully think through giving a three-year old a hose only four feet from the house.

Thankfully, the computer (only two more feet to the left of the table) managed to stay dry.

After a deep breath and a chuckle, I called the boys inside.

They, of course, had no clue what they had done. It was purely a childish accident.

In one of my better parenting moments, I calmly talked to them about what had happened and explained to them that even though it was an accident, they were to be responsible and clean it up.

We all worked together pulling old bath towels out of the laundry to sop up the puddles.

I’m not sure if they’ll remember this little lesson, but I’ve sure learned mine!

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