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Taking Advantage of the Sun

June 1, 2011

A few weekends ago we had a garage sale. Over the winter I went through the house room by room and weeded stuff out, put it in Rubbermaid bins and stored it in the already crowded basement. We got rid of about half the stuff and then donated the rest to the flea market that the school with our church is having. It had been raining so much the whole months of April and May here, I was delighted to have a sunny day. The chief and I made sure not to waste it just sitting waiting for customers. I weeded and planted while he painted the front porch and fixed the landscaping lights. (Those silly wabbits bit right through the power cord over the winter!)

After the sale, we hauled our loot to the school to drop off, then picked up a load of mulch to finish the job in the front. Turns out we needed two truck-loads of mulch. (I would have liked three, but we were out of time so we just made two stretch). We were too busy all day (with dirty hands) to snap any pictures, but I did take a few of the finished handiwork.

Last year's blue pots planted with flowers from the school fundraiser.

New red pots planted with more of the same flowers. I'm hoping to attract some hummingbirds with all the red.

Newly painted, freshly mulched, front yard with working landscape lights!

I’d like to get one more set of pots for the bottom step. Maybe move the blue ones down and get white(ish) pots planted with blue flowers to put in the middle? I’ll have to think about this one a little bit.

We would have never gotten all this done with the kids around. They had a sleepover at Squirt & Sport’s house. Thanks so much guys…for watching them and letting us use your truck!

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