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Bud: Weeks 28 & 29

May 31, 2011
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Poor Bud. So neglected lately. With the daily rain we’d been having finally gone, there has been SO much to do around here!

Unfortunately for Bud, I missed my first week of picture-taking since starting this whole weekly documenting of the belly.

So to make up for it, I took two pictures on the same day, in the same dress, just in a different position to show how much different I can look just with a different draping of fabric.

I welcome the heat with open arms…bare arms, that is! Each day I put on a dress (which is now about every other day) one of the boys will ask me if we are going to church. I really ought to wear dresses more often than Sunday! I hate them in the winter, but love them in the summer. I especially love that “no waistband feeling” around my middle.

Perhaps that day I helped the Chief work down in the basement wasn’t the best day to wear a dress…I stayed cool while working, though!

I’m currently working on getting my birth plan organized. I’ve got another appointment with the midwife later this week and want to have it ready to discuss then. Perhaps I’ll share that in my 30 week post to have to compare to the actual birth. (Today actually marks my 30th week…Oh I’m so behind!)



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