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Our New Favorite Couple

May 16, 2011

We’ve been doing a lot of this lately.

On this particular rainy day (which we’ve had our fair share of lately) the feeders were the breakfast place to be! The boys watched with great enthusiasm for a good twenty minutes before seeing their favorite bird.

The Cardinal.

Even though our feeder has lost it’s lovely stick roof, the birds don’t mind as long as there is seed in there.

Mr. Cardinal only stayed long enough for a bite before flying off. (And thus, the blurry picture. I’ve got a long way to go when it comes to bird photography! Of course, shooting through a window screen sure doesn’t help.)

It was only another moment more before Ian came running out of the room to tell me,

“Mom! The Missus is here! She came! The Missus finally came!”

I ran quietly back and sure enough, there she was! It was the first time we had seen Mrs. Cardinal come to the feeder. We had seen her around before, but never brave enough to come land for a bite. Apparently she sent her guardian Mr. Cardinal down to check things out first and all was ok.

After a few solo munches, Mr. Cardinal came to join his lovely wife.

I’m so glad we made a feeder built for two.

The happy couple seemed to look right at us and pose for a picture before enjoying their feast.

Enjoy it they did. So much so that Mr. Cardinal got a little selfish and dove right in.

With the perch now empty, another little fellow (Chipping Sparrow, I believe) came to join the breakfast party.

Wait a minute, I thought this was a feeder built for two!?!

“Missus, I think we’ve had enough, this place is getting a little too crowded for my taste.”

And off Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal flew.

We would see them back again, dining together on more than one occasion. Another day, Mr. Cardinal got a seed and fed it right to the Missus! Of course my camera was in the other room a the time.

With our guide in hand, we’ve been able to identify quite a few birds so far.

The ones we are for sure about are:

Mourning Dove

American Crow

American Robin (one silly robin did come to the feeder to see what all the fuss was about, but was not so impressed)

Chipping Sparrow

Dark-Eyed Junco

Northern Cardinal

Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

American Goldfinch

I just got a hummingbird feeder for Mother’s Day and am excited to try and get one of those “on film” too.

So far, the only down-side to our feeders is that Bruiser tends to look out his window more when he ought to be napping. I suppose that’s better than climbing the furniture though!

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