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All About the Cake

May 14, 2011

We’re going to Sport’s first birthday party today which reminded me that I never wrote about Bruiser’s 3rd birthday party.

I didn’t end up taking very many pictures (that came out) of anything but the cake. If you say “birthday” to Bruiser, it means cake to him. It’s the only important part. Cake is more important than friends, other food, and even presents.

This year we went with one of his favorite things: construction trucks.

I got the idea for the cake by attending another construction themed birthday nearly 4 years ago. This is the Edible Excavator cake recipe we used from Family Fun magazine.

Although it is called an Edible Excavator, Bruiser will let you know it is actually a backhoe loader, because most excavators have just the one bucket and usually have crawler tracks instead of wheels. I tell ya, the boy knows his construction trucks!

The Cake: Before




The Cake: During

The Cake: After

After the party I realized I didn’t get one good picture of the kid at his party so I had him and his brother stand in front of the “pin-the-dirt-on-the-loader” game for a nice picture.

This was the best I got. =(

I tried to get them to hold hands or hug and show each other you love each other.  That worked well.

Then the extra sugar from the day kicked in….

I love brothers! Especially when they’re loving on each other.

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