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Texas Rangers T-ball

May 11, 2011

One month ago today, Monkey had his first T-Ball practice. Boy, oh boy was he excited! It had been raining for days prior and my Monkey was so eager to just be able to get outside and play.

Monkey is the third boy from the left.

His team of 4 & 5 year olds has 9 boys and 2 girls on it. He sits right in the middle of the pack with regard to ability.

After getting everyone familiar with the order in which you run the bases, Coach had each one take batting practice while the others fielded.

Most of the first practice was spent like this:

Waiting. Just waiting for the ball to come to him. Good, true to the game practice, I suppose. It was really just too muddy to do much of anything else. One muddy ball was bad enough, no need to have ten muddy balls.

Second to last, Monkey finally got his turn to bat.

In spite of all the mud, Monkey had a great time!

My washing machine? Not so much.

Fast forward one vacation, two cancelled practices, and a lot of rainy days later and we have arrived to the big day. His first game! That’s right. First game to be played three weeks after their one and only practice.

How cute he looks all dressed up!

This is the only picture I got from that first game. You see, they left a half-hour before the game started and about one minute before the “game cancelled” email showed up. More rain.

I called the Chief and told him the news. He took Monkey to the park anyhow so they could at least see the field where all the games would be held. Monkey handled the disappointment surprisingly well.

Fast forward another week. His ACTUAL first game. Still with no other practices in between.

Monkey fields the ball with an upside-down mitt.

Since the other team was in the same “virtually no practice” predicament, they spent the first 45 minutes practicing.

In T-ball, the only two fielding things you need to know are:

1. How to catch a ground ball.

2. Throw the ball to first base.

That is EVERY play. There are no pop-flies, no even tagging the base to get a runner out…just get the ball to the first baseman and wait for the next batter. Hey, it’s a start!

Fielding Rule #2: Throw the ball to first.

T-ball batting, on the other hand, has three rules.

Monkey's first at bat is a hit!

It goes like this:

1. If you make contact with the ball it is a hit (even if it goes foul). Drop your bat and run to first. Stop.

2. If you miss completely, try again. If you hit the tee, it’s foul. Try again until you get a hit.

3. Run one base at a time while holding your face mask so you don’t lose your over sized helmet.

Monkey stops at third while demonstrating batting rule #3.

The games are not thrilling, but they sure are entertaining. I’ve laughed at every one. =)

He’s played three games so far and is getting better each time.

If only I could get his brother to stay out of trouble, this would be a lot more enjoyable for me!

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