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Bud: Weeks 26 & 27

May 10, 2011
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Yes, it’s been that kind of week…weeks really. My blogging has just gotten away from me and I missed last weeks Bud post. =( And it was a milestone, too!

Week 26 marked the start of the third trimester of my third pregnancy. Bud decided to celebrate by doing a little dance. ALL DAY LONG! Sunday was officially the day that Bud decided it would be fun to kick and squirm from now on. I had been feeling him move for quite some time and the Chief and Bruiser had even felt the baby kick, but the kicks weren’t all that strong and they were still rather infrequent. For whatever reason, Bud just decided to kick, kick, kick. Through the entire Sunday School, through morning service, during lunch, kept me from taking a good nap, and he kept right on going until I fell asleep at night. Of course there were periods of dormancy, but nothing that lasted more than 30 minutes before the dance party started up again.

One morning, Monkey crawled into bed with us and the baby was moving. He still hadn’t felt Bud kick yet. It only took a moment from when I placed Monkey’s hand on my belly to when Bud gave him a good THWUMP! I’ve never seen Monkey giggle like that before! He giggled like a little girl and squirmed his own body with excitement before placing his hand back on my belly only to get kicked again. It was such an exciting moment for him.

Catching up on the little things:

I officially have an “outie” bellybutton now.

I’ve outgrown several of my maternity tops that are now too tight or too short and my pants grow more and more uncomfortable. I’m keeping my eyes open for more long-flowey dresses since they are the most comfortable thing for me to wear.

I met with the midwife today and all is well. I’m measuring at 28.5 cm, which is a little big, but that’s no surprise to me! My appointments will move from monthly to every two weeks now.

I’ve started asking the boys to pick more things up off the floor for me and have stopped picking them up so much.

Things are definitely more crowded in my abdomen and I get achy more often. I’m so thankful for my height…can’t imagine how much more crowded it would be if I were short.

The itching is GONE! I still itch around my bad ankle, but the all-over itching of my arms and legs has vanished! (I will continue to lotion often to keep whatever it was away).

The weather got nice this week and I was able to get out and turn over 2/3 of my garden. The twisting motion of using the hand tiller-thing was not a good idea. Nor was all the chopping to break up the dirt. The garden will be much harder to keep than I anticipated.

The basement continues to come along. Walls are painted (stairwell remains unfinished), electrical is done, new light fixtures are up, and toilet is functional! Next big job is the crown molding and baseboards, followed by the rest of the bathroom fixtures. Carpet is scheduled to come May 31. I’m hoping to move in the beginning of June. I’m so eager to decorate it and get the little nursery nook set up! It’s exciting to be getting so close to the end…both the room and the pregnancy!

Bradley Classes continue to go well and are proving to be very helpful. I regret not taking them for a prior pregnancy. I could have known so much more!

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. The Chief took the boys out for half the day Saturday while I went for an hour and a half walk (behind the lawnmower) and took a nice nap afterwards. The alone time was so nice! I was gifted with two handmade flower planters and two decorated cakes from the boys and a scrumptious breakfast in bed from my husband. I felt very loved, indeed.

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