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Bud: Week 25

April 27, 2011
I stole the idea for this post from my friend over at The Blessed Mom.
Due Date: Early August
Weight Gain: +23 pounds. First pregnancy I gained 50. Second, I gained 40, but was still 10 pounds away from my pre-baby weight when I got pregnant. My goal is 40 this time around too. (Since I never did loose those last 10 pounds). That leaves me with about a pound a week.

What’s different this time:

1. I’m feeling older & everything about this pregnancy seems just a little bit more cumbersome (not sure if that’s really the right word) this time around.

2. This is also the first pregnancy that I am taking birth classes for. With Monkey I thought I knew enough because I read a lot. Then he ended up staying breech and I had a c-section. With Bruiser I did a lot of research because I wanted a VBAC. In my additional reading, I learned a whole lot more, but still didn’t think I needed classes because what more could they teach me, really? This time around I wised up and realized I don’t get better at dealing with labor pain by reading, I’d get better with practice. So I signed us up to take Bradley Classes and am loving it!

3. We are using a midwife instead of an OB.

4. We did not find out the gender.

Symptoms: Tired, varicose veins, thicker hair, itchiness on arms and legs, heartburn, starting to get more winded, amazing sense of smell, and a stuffy nose every morning.

Cravings/Aversions: Loved peanut butter for quite a while, but I seem to be done with that now. Pizza & Taco Bell, but I crave those things even when I’m not pregnant. Nothing else in particular although watching any food on TV at night will make me want whatever they are showing. This is very bad. Must remember to fast forward through the commercials! No aversions.

Sleep: Hit or miss. Usually I’ve been sleeping well, but every couple of weeks I wake up to use the bathroom and can’t fall back asleep. Tonight is one of those nights (well, early mornings really).

I am loving: The warmer weather. I hate anything tight around my belly and am looking forward to wearing more dresses. I haven’t gotten a single stretch mark on my belly. Got a few on my sides from previous pregnancies, but hardly even noticeable. Thank you, good genetics and Mama Bee Belly Balm.

I miss: Wearing pants that stay up and legs that don’t look like they belong to a 60-yr old grandmother.

I am looking forward to: Laboring as much as possible at home & meeting the new baby that God has chosen for us. Also looking forward to getting my bedroom back and setting up a little “nursery nook.”

I’m spazzing about: Nothing really. I’m not much of a spazzer. Maybe I could put down dealing with hospital staff about interventions I don’t want. I’m hoping the classes help me to deal with that better and teach the Chief how to better intervene on my behalf without me having to worry about that stuff during labor. But I’ve got plenty of time to learn all that, so it’s certainly nothing I’m spazzing about. Ask me again when I’m in labor and it might be a different story.

Best moment this week: Bruiser sitting on my belly & us laughing about him being a “babysitter.”

Milestones: Reached the end of my 2nd trimester. (3rd starts with week 26) It is at this point that if the baby were born, there is a chance that it might live. The world record holder for most premature was a girl at 21 weeks. For comparison, Josie Duggar was born at 25 weeks.

Movement: Every couple of hours. Kicks are strong enough to feel with a hand on my belly, although you’ve got to be still and patient to feel them. Hard to see my belly moving from the kicks yet.

Exercise: Not so much. I do tailor sit, butterfly stretches, and pelvic tilts, and Kegels every day, but nothing really cardiovascular. Now that the weather is warming, and Bruiser has a new big-boy bike, I’ll be out walking more.

Diet: Doing my best to eat lots of protein, fruits & veggies, and cut back on the carbs & sweets. That last one is really hard for me because I love my bread & candy! Caffeine was easy to give up, I only drink that very occasionally.

Belly Pic: Finally warm enough to wear shorts and a tank!

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  1. April 28, 2011 2:10 am

    Jealous! I wish someone had told me about Mamma Bee Belly Balm! I thought we were besties!

    I am very happy for you. You have always had a killer bod, even prego! You look wonderful! Love ya!

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