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Who is Bruiser?

April 23, 2011

Today is Bruiser’s 3rd Birthday.

I wasn’t sure what to call him here, when I started this blog a little over a year ago. We never called him Bruiser around the house, although the name certainly does fit the boy’s personality!

A picture several pictures will illustrate my point better than words:

He was so sweet as a baby. Slept well, hardly ever cried, and just went along with the flow.

Birth Announcement Photo

It wasn’t until about three months later, that his “Bruiser” personality started to show through.

Tough guy hangin' out with Mama

First Birthday

This one says it all...everything about this picture is Bruiser

He's really not grumpy all the time, it's his 'serious' face.

Always into something...this time it was a marker during nap time.

Eatin' dirt, sporting spikes.

He loves to be a helper and is a hard worker when he's in his groove.

Today I asked Bruiser to make some faces for me.

“Show me your poochy lip.”

“Show me your happy birthday face!”

“What does your birthday cake face look like?”

That’s my boy!

We sure do love him bunches!

Happy Birthday little big man!

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