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All Work, No Pictures

April 11, 2011

When The Chief is away, the wife will . . . work even harder than usual.

We are without our leader for the next two weeks and while he’s gone, I’m determined to work very hard. (Before running away on a little vacation of my own, that is!)

Today the weather was absolutely lovely all morning before the rain came late afternoon. While the children played outside I got some good work done.

It Got Done List:

1. Transplanted whats left of our cucumber, tomato, and cosmo seedlings. (Several lost their lives due to an incident with Bruiser’s rear end. And then we lost some more a few days later when they met the bottom of Bruiser’s foot.) The children helped me with this job so that means it took about twice as long as it should have. Wait, make that three times as long – I had to stop about every three minutes to pull a leaf or rock out of Sport’s mouth. Silly baby just wouldn’t sit and play nice on his blanket!

2. Swept out all the winter dirt, leaves, and sawdust from the garage. My three little dirt movers helpers were on the job again. Did you know it’s important to relocate garage dirt at least four different times before finally scooping it up into the trash? Yep it is! And when we were done and I moved on to the next job, Bruiser thought it would be a great idea to gather leaves from the yard and make a nice pile in the garage to scoop up again. That’s where mommy put her pile after all! It’s amazing I get anything done around here, it really is!

Oh, wait! Need to back up and insert funny story back at task #1. We needed more water in the watering can for the seedlings. Squirt volunteered to go fill it up. I wasn’t sure of her ability to do the job so I asked her if she could turn the water on and then all the way off again. (The spigot was on the other side of the house, so I wasn’t going to be there to coach her. I didn’t mean to insult the child, I just always remember having trouble knowing which way to turn those silly knobs.) She looked at me with an “of course I know how to do the water!” kind of look and so I sent her on her way hoping she wouldn’t fill it the whole way or she’d never be able to carry it back. Several minutes later I heard the front door open and out she came.

“Auntie Karen, I need help with the watering can”

“Were you inside, Squirt?”

“I was just filling the watering can.” (The girl was filthy and was not supposed to be inside.)

“Inside? Where?”

“In the bathroom.” she replied as if that were the normal place to fill a watering can.

Sure enough, she had crammed that giant watering can under the little bathroom sink faucet and couldn’t get it out without spilling all the water. I laughed and then walked her to the backyard to show her what I really wanted her to do. (And Sport probably ate another leaf while I wasn’t looking.)

Ok, back to the list…

3. Finished picking rocks out of the other side of the lawn, weeded between the shrubs, and turned over the dirt/leftover mulch.

4. Washed and dried a load of soiled bedsheets during the above three tasks so Bruiser could still have his beloved blankie during the nap in which he did not sleep.

5. All the regular “mom” things of the day, like feeding everyone x 3, getting them dressed, bathing them after a very dirty morning outside, folding yesterday’s laundry and today’s load, empty/fill dishwasher, hand wash pots and pans, and sweep the kitchen floor.

6. Took the boys to Home Depot to buy paint for the basement. While we were waiting for our paint to be mixed, we wandered into two men counting strips of molding for inventory. Monkey asked them what they were doing laying all the pieces out on the floor. After they told them they had to measure them and count them, Monkey told them that he knew how to do that. “We are hiring now,” one of the men joked. Then the boys went on to ask them about the saw that was behind them. The guy started to explain how it worked and then Monkey cut him off and told him the rest. “Oh, yea, I’m pretty sure they’d hire you! How old are you?” That’s right, my four-year old could work at Home Depot! =) It would be his dream come true!

6. Worked in the basement. So far the chief has easily done 95% of the work to my 5%. (Well, he did have several friends help him with his part, but he has put in WAY more time to this project than I have.) I sanded the very top section of drywall mud that he couldn’t reach with his nifty shopvac attachment, tidied and put away stray tools, vacuumed 1/2 of the room and all the bathroom, and wiped down the bathroom walls. I want to finish the vacuuming and wiping tomorrow afternoon and start priming after the boys are in bed.

My parents are visiting at the end of the month for Bruiser’s birthday and I really want to have the walls painted and tools cleaned up for when they are here. The goal was to have the room DONE for them, but that is clearly not going to happen. We’re getting close though! Left on our “to do” list is:

Install electrical outlets & lighting fixtures

Buy & install bathroom flooring

Install bathroom fixtures

Choose & install carpet (hiring someone for this one)

Buy & install closet doors and shelving.

Our absolute FINAL deadline is before the baby comes, which would put it at the end of July. I’m hoping for the end of May now.

Sorry about the lack of pictures in this post. Most of the stuff I did today was dirty and taking pictures would have just slowed me down more. Today, the work was more important than the blog. =)

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  1. April 11, 2011 11:20 pm

    I love you down to my toes and back again. What a busy day you had! I am uber (your chief’s word) impressed with you, lady! Well done! You deserve a medal or a tiara or something significant for all that work!

    • April 11, 2011 11:49 pm

      How ’bout just a ‘do-rag? That’s what’s adorning my head right now! =)

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