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March 29, 2011

Worms. I’m not a computer game person at all. But if I had to pick a favorite, it would be worms.

This post has nothing to do with the game.

It is all about these wriggly guys:

And these wriggly guys:

I was out back raking up some of the leftover fall debris while the children were hard at work “turning over” the garden. (It was all Monkey’s idea). The next thing I know, I hear this loud shriek and screams of excitement that followed.


“We found worms!”

“Mommy, there are worms in our garden!”

“Ya don’t say?” I tried my hardest to put on my excited face and came over to see these amazing worms.

They were on a mission now.

Those kids hoed

and dug

and picked

out those creepy crawly worms for a solid hour!

They didn’t know what to do with them at first, so I suggested a bucket. They also tried using just a little shovel to scoop them up, but they wriggled away before they could get them usually. I finally convinced Monkey (yes, you read right, Mr. Stay-clean Monkey) to pick them up with his fingers.

I was totally shocked that he actually did it without so much as a whimper! Squirt tried, but just couldn’t make herself touch the slimy little guys. Bruiser preferred hacking them in half with the hoe.

In the beginning they all shared the tools evenly, but by the end of the hour, their roles were clearly defined.

Bruiser swung the hoe.

Squirt dug with the shovel.

Monkey picked out the worms.

Sport sat outside the fence and watched.

I raked my leaves, stopping occasionally to document it all and bring Sport back to his blanket.

Near the end, Monkey started taking breaks with Sport until more worms were found.

“Hey boys, look at me for a picture.”

That’s just great. Thanks.

Here’s Sport showing off how big he is now:

Little man has gotten “so big!”

The cold weather has come back again and I’m eager to get those kids back outside worm hunting!

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