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Flower Bed Preparation

March 24, 2011

I took Monkey outside with me this past weekend while Bruiser was enjoying an extra long nap. It finally got warm enough to finish picking out the rocks.

After hand-picking the rest of the rocks, we used the boy’s little rakes to get the remaining leaves out of the flower beds. I was truly surprised by what a good helper Monkey has become. He didn’t whine or complain once about the hard work! For those that know Monkey, this is a giant improvement. I was all ready to tell him he was free to go and play since he did such a good job with the rocks and leaves, but he wanted to keep helping.

It’s only March and already I find myself needing to weed. Two years ago, my flower beds were nothing more than a giant patch of Pachysandra. Let me tell you that stuff is vigorous! I’m pretty sure I’ll still be pulling it out for years to come.

The evil green stuff was invading the territory of my struggling Azalea bush, so I wanted to get it out asap. Monkey sure tried his best, but wasn’t a very effective weed-picker. So we stopped for a moment and had a weed-pulling lesson.

He was great at finding them and yanking, but doing that would just make them come right back in a few weeks. “You’ve got to pull them all the way down by the dirt to get the roots out, ” I instructed. “Why?” he replied. And thus began a lesson in basic plant anatomy.

Next attempt, he got down real low, gave it a yank, and pulled the whole thing out. =)

He found another one, got down low, pulled, and snap. Oops.

“Just keep trying, right mom?”

That was music to my ears. Oh how I love it when things that I’ve been saying to him for months finally sink in!

We also ended up having a very good conversation about sin when he asked me why there are weeds in the garden. I even got to use the whole newly explained plant anatomy as an analogy for weeding out the sin in our lives…how we need to ask for God’s help to yank it out by the root, and not just snip it off the top.

I put the camera down and helped the boy with the weeds until I heard him shriek.

“Mom! What’s this?”

“That is NOT a weed. That’s what’s left of the Dahlia from last summer. It’s a flower. And if we leave it in the ground it might grow back.”

“It’s kind of like a dirty bunch of nuts.”

“Yea, it does sort of look like that, doesn’t it, Bud? It’s actually a special kind of root.”

“What’s it do?”

The rest of that conversation would have to wait until I got back to the computer to consult Wikipedia.

What did homeschool moms do before the internet?

(Just in case you were wondering…according to Wikipedia it is not likely that my Dahlias will return since we live where it freezes in the winter. If it stayed above freezing, they should grow back.)

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  1. Lydia permalink
    March 24, 2011 6:28 pm

    I don’t know why, but this is the first time I have rummaged through your blog. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! You are a total inspiration, your photos and your stories, and all the creative things you do to teach your kids. Way to go, super mom! I miss you, friend, but am glad you are doing so well! Keep it up, baby momma!

    • March 24, 2011 8:09 pm

      Thank you, sweet friend! I’ve been enjoying reading yours too.=) Loved your yarn wreath and almost went out to the store to pick up some supplies to make one of my own, but grocery shopping and cranky children ended up getting in the way! Maybe soon…we have a red front door and something like that would pop nicely.

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