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Bud: Week 20

March 23, 2011

Week 20 out of 40(ish). I’m half-way there! (Very technically I was half-way there last week, since weeks 1&2 are actually before conception, but that’s a whole different topic!)

The vernal equinox occurred this past Sunday, March 20th, so it is officially SPRING!!! I am completely thrilled by all the signs of new life around me. My irises and tulips have broken through the ground as well as some other plants which I don’t remember what they are. The seedlings(as pictured above) which the boys and I planted are sprouting beautifully. They are as thrilled as I am at the growth we’ve seen.

A few days ago the Chief told the boys that the baby was now old enough to hear sounds and when they talk to my belly the baby can hear them. So now along with my daily hug from Monkey, Bud gets an “I love you baby Colocity.”

Bruiser recently came up with a new childbirth philosophy after we talked again about the fact that the baby could be a boy or a girl.

“No, Mommy, its NOT a boy. You are a girl and girls have girl babies and boys have boy babies.”

After explaining to him again that boys don’t have any babies and reminded him of how Sport’s mom had him, he still refused to believe me. Stubborn little boy just won’t believe what you tell him unless he wants to. (Sound familiar, Mom & Dad? I think your wish came true with Bruiser. I got a kid just like me!)

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