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Spring is Here!

March 21, 2011

To celebrate the beginning of spring I opened up the windows and threw the children outside! (But not through the windows). After being inside so much lately it was them asking me to go out, not the other way around. I was glad to oblige. The house (save the kitchen) stayed perfectly clean. Sport sat at the open window and happily watched the older kids play while I baked some M&M cookies.

Best part of the whole morning?

There was no arguing over who got to lick the beater and who got the spoon. I got to lick them BOTH!

By the time lunch came around, the kids had played in the brush pile behind the shed, in the soggy garden, filled buckets of water from the spigot, and in the sandbox. I was not about to let them come back inside for lunch.

They were not dissapointed by my announcement because it meant PICNIC!

Here’s one random tidbit for you: in case you ever wondered what Bruiser’s spiked hair looks like the day after without being brushed…

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