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Bud’s 19 week Ultrasound

March 17, 2011

We woke with the sun this morning to get everyone out of the house for an 8am ultrasound. After a not-so-great morning yesterday, I was very much looking forward to getting to see my little Bud.

Despite the size of my belly, there is indeed only one baby growing inside me. =)

Bud is currently in a frank breech position. Nothing to be concerned about yet, since it’s still so early. It is something I will be praying about greatly though. I desperately desire to have a drug-free vaginal delivery and another breech baby sure would make that more complicated.

The chief and I turned our heads when the technician checked for gender. So technically we don’t know what sex the baby is. I’ve got a hunch, though. When the technician measured the femur length she used the same angle (I think) that they do to check for gender. If this were the first ultrasound I’d ever had, I might not have known what I was looking at. However, since I’ve had two boys and we found out the sex with both of them, I know just where to look on that grainy black and white image. I’m pretty certain I got a glimpse of some male anatomy on Bud.

I told that to the Chief afterward and asked him if he saw anything. He said he didn’t notice, but when I asked him if he had a hunch, he said boy too.

Bud seems to be a rather calm child. I haven’t felt “him” move much since I felt those first movements a week or so ago. It was the same way on the ultrasound. Bud just enjoyed staying snuggled up with his hands by his face. (writing quotes around “his” is getting annoying, but I just can’t bring myself to call the baby “it” so just pretend “his” means him/her). He also was a big fluid gulper. His mouth was constantly going and swallowing amniotic fluid. The baby also seems to be a finger or thumb sucker just like Bruiser. In fact, I think this child even looks like Bruiser did. The way the head is shaped resembles Bruiser more than Monkey. I think so, at least. =)

I got a few pictures that they printed out for me, but the technician only put video on my DVD and since I don’t have a scanner anymore, I can’t put up a still picture yet.

At 1:00 min, Bud is facing down in the video and you can see the mouth taking gulps of fluid.

At 1:30 min, Bud is facing up again with an arm near the face. You can see more gulping and then around 2:00 min the fingers go into the mouth.

I wonder if this means I’ll have another good nurser? This baby certainly seems to have the suck/swallow reflex down.

Boy or girl, wriggly or still, breech or not, I’m in love.

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