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Bud: Week 18

March 9, 2011

Photo credit: Monkey

I got my new spring haircut yesterday. There are fresh flowers sitting on my table thanks to the ever-thoughtful Squirt’s mom. Today there is rain instead of snow. Spring is on it’s way. One drop at a time. That makes me happy. =)

About the haircut…it’s my usual short-do, but it’s been over a year since Monkey’s seen me like that. Half-way through the cut Monkey told me:

“You don’t look like a mommy anymore!”

I took that one as a compliment. =)

Besides the impending Spring, feeling Bud move makes me happy too. I started feeling the baby about a week ago. At first I wasn’t sure, but after the same feelings of tumbling kept coming, I’m pretty sure it’s the bambino. I still only feel Bud move when I’m very still and usually when I’m laying down. It is such an indescribable feeling.

Along with the joy of feeling the baby move, I’ve acquired the annoyance of heartburn. I had it bad with Monkey and mildly with Bruiser. So far it’s mostly just been at night and a few Tums before bed does the trick.

I also finally got around to scheduling my ultrasound. In another week and a half we finally get to see our sweet little Bud!

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