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“X” Day

March 8, 2011

You may recall my earlier post about the letter “S” and my upcoming problem with finding something to represent “U” on they boys papers. If you don’t remember, you may want to go back and read that post first.

My three favorite “U” suggestions were underware, umbrella’s (the paper drink kind) and Uno. I considered cutting up a pair of Bruisier’s old undies, but thought that just might be a little too weird for guests to see cut up undies hanging on my kitchen wall. The drink umbrellas ended up being too long and stiff to make the nice curved shape on the bottom of the “U” so I went with Uno. Printed out pictures of the game Uno Moo to be specific. Not terribly eye-catching like the colorful valentine hearts we used for the next letter, but it worked. I also ended up changing the “W” from washers to wood (in the form of toothpicks) because it turned out we didn’t have any extra washers.

Today we finally got around to the letter “X.” (I’m not so good about keeping a regular schedule yet. Definitely my big thing to work on.)

Since “X” is a difficult letter to find objects that start with it, I planned on just using  a stamp. But I don’t have letter stamps. So I made one.

Other than a simple square, an “X” is probably the easiest shape to make a potato stamp out of.

After the final trimming, I was left with a nice looking “X.”

Now for the test.

I wasn’t sure if this would require anything else special since I haven’t done potato stamping since elementary school.

I grabbed a napkin that was still hanging around on the table from breakfast and…


It worked!

While Monkey plugged away at his “X” workbook page, I helped Bruiser with his stamping.

I try to have them stamp in the same way that they would write the lines, but since Bruiser doesn’t write yet, I let him slide. =)

He sure does concentrate though!

Anyone jealous of my kitchen decor?

No, huh?

Can’t say I’ve seen this look in too many decorating magazines either!

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