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I Hear Voices!

March 3, 2011

Neither of the boys initially liked sitting on my lap listening to stories. When Monkey was a baby (an older mobile baby) he would wriggle and squirm, whine and fuss during storytime. I would literally have to bear hug him while I read forcing him to listen to his bedtime story. It didn’t seem right. After a few minutes of struggle he would yield his will to mine and listen to the rest of the book. Bruiser turned out to be the same way. He still has trouble sitting still while listening to a book. Having his blanket to snuggle with helps at least.

Now Monkey is starting to read on his own and really enjoys story time, always asking for more.

I do my best to make the story come alive by using voices and drastic variations in volume. (Nothing gets their attention quite like quickly turning into a whisper for a few sentences!)

For the past 3 months Monkey has picked out a Berenstain Bears book every night for his bedtime story. I’ve got my bear voices down, let me tell you!

Twighee reading as the voice of Sister Bear during her meltdown in Bearenstain Bears and Too Much Birthday

What’s the point of reading a story if you don’t do the voices? Really?

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