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Flour Letters

February 21, 2011

I was once told by an excellent kindergarten teacher that preschool aged children learn to write letters best by doing them big. Big like paint brushes with just water to draw letters on the concrete walls/floor of a basement. (Talk about easy cleanup!) Also things that help them write letters without the tricky task of holding a pencil. When little kids have to manipulate a pencil and learn to write a new letter, they are really doing two fairly new things at once. Keeping learning new things to one-at-a-time is really helpful. When I read this post by MckMama I knew I had to try it.

Using just their own finger to write the letters proved to make the job much easier.

First I pulled out a flash card and modeled the proper way to write the letter. Then I put the card in front of Monkey or Squirt and it was their turn.

They really enjoyed feeling the texture of the soft flour.

Erasing was even fun for them. All it takes is a simple shake of the pan.

This activity kept them busy for a good half-hour.

About half-way through, Monkey declared that he wanted to be the teacher now. So I let him, which of course meant that Squirt would then need a turn. After everyone got a turn teaching, they were about done with just writing letters.

But that doesn’t mean the flour fun was over quite yet. =)

I’m so thankful for the different blogs I read. There’s no way I would be able to come up with all these different ideas on my own!

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