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Bud: Week 15

February 17, 2011

I took the boys to The Midwife Center with me today. Monkey has regularly been playing “midwife” at home with me, much as one would play doctor. I knew he would enjoy listening to the heartbeat and getting to see how they measure my belly. A while back he asked me what a boy midwife is called. (We had recently been discussing the difference between a waiter and a waitress.) I had no idea how to answer his question. I’d never heard of a male midwife, but figured they must exist. I told him to remember his question and we could ask at my next appointment. Little man wasn’t shy to ask at all. And he got his answer.

“Midwife” is actually an old English name that means “with (mid) woman (wife).” So a midwife can be anyone who is there to be with the woman and offer her support and care.

Photo credit: Monkey

Bruiser, on the other hand is Bruiser. He is two. He still acts like he is two. Which means he had more fun arranging the kid-sized chairs in the room than learning about what the midwife was doing to mommy’s belly. He didn’t bother us, so it all worked out fine. Oh, and don’t let the picture above deceive you. He does not regularly kiss my belly like his brother. He will do it if he sees Monkey do it first. In this case he wanted to use my camera. I told him he could if he gave the baby a kiss. And thus, a cute belly kiss by my little spiky-haired man. Next week maybe I’ll use the self-timer and get a genuine kiss from Monkey.

Update: Took the boys to the library tonight. What was the one book Monkey had to check out?

“I need a book about babies, Mom.”

He didn’t want just any book either. I wasn’t going to be getting away with a cute little cartoon illustrated book.

“I want one with a picture of the bellybutton hose.”

(That’s how I explained what an umbilical cord was when he asked how the baby ate food.) So it was off the Juvenile Non-Fiction section for us to get  a book with “real” pictures. We ended up taking home How You Were Born (revised & expanded) by Joanna Cole. Monkey wasn’t so much interested in having me read it to him as he was content to just look at the pictures and ask questions. I don’t particularly want to get into all the details with him at this age, but I just can’t discourage him from wanting to get books to learn more about something he is interested in. (Especially when it’s something I’m interested in too!) I think for now I’ll keep letting him look at it, but not  read it to him unless he asks. If you have small children that are interested in learning more about your pregnancy, you might want to check out Joanna Cole’s other book which explains things a bit simpler and with cartoon images: When You Were Inside Mommy.

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  1. February 18, 2011 11:24 am

    I LAUGH at Bruiser’s questions and curiosity! So cute!

    My oldest poured over every magazine and leaflet I brought home from the OB/BYN when before his sister was born. Soon, he knew more about prenatal developement than I ever wanted to know! “Mommy, the baby can taste now!” “Mommy! My sister has fingers now!” “Mommy, do you know what happens to waste? When she pees …” THAT is something boys love! : )

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