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Bud: Week 14

February 9, 2011

Second Trimester! Wahoo!

Yesterday, I took Monkey and Bruiser with me to the lab for my first trimester blood work.

Monkey was absolutely terrified when he had to go to the doctor for his 4 year-old check up. He was nervous the whole time about getting a shot. I figured this might help him realize it is ok, and only hurts for a bit.

We had a talk before we went about how instead of putting medicine into me they were going to take blood out of me to make sure everything was healthy for the baby to grow well.

You never know how long you have to wait at those kind of places, so we packed a bag of library books and I let them each bring one small car. Turns out that was the most disappointing part for the kids. We had NO wait and they were bummed that we didn’t sit there and read books. I almost stayed after at the end just to read to them, but the office was closing in 10 minutes and I just wanted to get out of there.

Bruiser kept wanting to touch all the vials of blood in the rack and Monkey chattered away the whole time.

It went something like this:

“What is that chair?”

“Why is does she have to color on you?” (draw blood)

“When can I read my books?”

“Will it hurt?”

“Will the baby be ok?”

“Why is she fanning your arm?”

“What is the red?”

“How does the blood come out?”

“How many tubes do you need?”

“Can I hold your hand, Mommy?”

“Why did you untie that?”

“How come you need a cup?”

“Why won’t she let you pee in the toilet?”

“Is it ok for Bruiser to drive his car on the wall?”

“Where are the lollipops?”

I left the office with a pinch in my arm and an ache in my head. Thankfully, the technician was VERY kind and understanding and instead of waiting for the next question to come along, she just started narrating the whole process. She even showed them the centrifuge and some blood that was already separated so they could see the different layers. This of course brought on a whole new set of  “why?” questions, but they went away learning something new!

Maybe I’ll bring them along on my hour-glucose test too. I’m sure we’ll get some reading time in then!

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